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That's because most aircraft have a battery that takes over when your alternator fails.

So how do you know if your alternator isn't working? If you're flying a Cessna 172, your "LOW VOLTS" light comes on, and it means your alternator isn't producing enough (or any) power for your plane. But no matter what you're flying, you'll usually get the same type of message, and the same type of result.

If that happens, there are a few steps outlined for you to do. Here's what the Cessna 172 POH has to say about it:

1. MASTER Switch (ALT Only) - Off

2. ALT FIELD Circuit Breaker - CHECK IN

3. MASTER Switch (ALT Only) - ON

By turning the alternator switch off, verifying all your Alternator Field (ALT FIELD) circuit breaker is in, and then turning the alternator master switch back on, you're verifying that a small electrical disturbance wasn't to blame