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Aeronautical harnesses for ultralights / Sale of electrical aeronautical material.

Our adventure between the new Pegaso Avionics division by Pegaso Team S.a.s. began in mid 2016 and Eng. Nando Groppo with the supply of the entire electrical system of the TRAIL aircraft, the workhorse of Eng. Groppo. At the rate of almost one aircraft completed per month, we arrived at the end of 2019 at the completion of twenty airplanes here, all with a personalized dashboard and with purely aeronautical material and instruments with tests of the entire system at our laboratories.
Each panel follows a design phase, where all the needs of the customer are defined, and a realization phase in the laboratory where the operation of the system is simulated before installation and final testing.

See the Trail Panels page for more details.

The Pegaso Team has invested to make our laboratory, already equipped in the electronic field, suitable for the construction and testing of Aeronautical systems specifically for TRAIL and G70 aircraft, Aeronautical radio wiring, especially with professional DMC Crimpatrci and much more in the scrupulous respect of manuals prepared by the manufacturer of the instruments, specifically of the brands TRIG, Funkewerk and ICOM.
See the customized wiring page for further details.

Not only in the instruments, but also in the materials, aeronautical cable of the most common avionics sizes now available for sale in this e-shop as well as toggle switches, push-button switches, fastons and high-quality eyelet fastons, connectors -sub, aviation breackers, relays, led lights, etc.
In 2018 we expanded the instruments of our laboratory for the testing of radios, measurement of the VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) or ROS (Stationary Wave Ratio) and of the radio cables and transponders made to measure.
We also use RG400 cable certified for General Aviation or Advanced VDS for transponder cables.

We offer custom and made to order wiring, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are also interested in installing Pegaso Avionics harnesses on your aircraft, contact without hesitation the GROPPO workshop in MEZZANA BIGLI where they will plan your intervention with the utmost professionalism, you can take advantage of further maintenance; engines, tires, structure, etc. Rely on the thirty-year experience of GROPPO AVIAZIONE:

Track center coordinates:
45 ° 04 '03 "N 008 ° 50' 21" E
North header coordinates:
45 ° 04 '22 "N 008 ° 50' 37" E
South header coordinates:
45 ° 04 '01 "N 008 ° 50' 15" E