ELT 406 / 121.5 MHz E-04, with installation kit (antenna, remote panel, fixing bracket) including programming
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ELT 406 / 121.5 MHz E-04, with installation kit (antenna, remote panel, fixing bracket) including programming


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The ELT ACK E-04 was born to replace the older E-01 model.

The E-04 is a certified locator (ELT) for transmission on the frequency of 406 and 121.5 Mhz.

Accept data from leading NMEA 0183 GPS manufacturers such as Bendix/King and Garmin for more accurate accuracy.




1.           TSO und ETSO zertifiziert: TSO C-126 TSO C-91a, ETSO 2C126 ETSO 2C91a

2.           Emergency frequency: 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz

3.           Output power 406 Mhz: 5 watts (battery life during transmission: 24H)

4.           Output power 121.5Mhz: 100mWatt (Battery life during transmission: 48H)

5.           Antenna folded by 20 degrees, has a printed white plastic base.

6.           Audible warning indicator (requires Duracell CR-2 (3V) battery not included)

7.           Remote control, compatible with the old E-01 remote control (Requires Duracell PX28L battery, 6 volts not included)

8.           Lithium battery with a lifespan of 5 years, battery holder designed to be installed in the rack of the old E-01.

9.           Dimensions 192 x 72 x 72 mm

10.         Weight 730g


What is included:


1.           Issuer

2.           Lithiumbatterie

3.           External Antenna

4.           Remote control

5.           Mounting compartment and fastening straps

6.           Horn

7.           5mt Remote-Kabel

8.           2.5mt coaxial cable

9.           Installation


What is not included:


1.           Duracell Battery CR-2 Batteries (3V)

2.           Duracell PX28L Batteriebatterien,


Pegaso Avionics is ACK certified for the installation and programming of the new ELT.


What details are needed to program the ACK ELT E-04? Click here for more information!

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