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Flybox Avionics was born as a division of Microel srl, who have been designing and manufacturing electronic boards for the industrial automation market since 1982.

In 2003, alongside a team of pilots, we started developing a line of instruments exclusively for ultralight and experimental aircrafts, born from the passion of flying.

Flybox is now a leading resource for all experimental and light aviation enthusiasts Internationally.

Our dedicated team work diligently to guarantee a reliable line of avionics instruments that combine innovation with user-friendly interfaces and smart solutions to optimise every customer’s flight experience.

We are passionate about our products, from conceptualisation to launch and beyond. Every detail is important to us and we value continued study and research to engineer the best design, without forgetting the main aspects: safety and practicality.

And you, our customers, are part of the innovation, as we work with and welcome your experience and feedback to constantly improve our instruments and services to ensure we meet and fulfil the latest market needs.

Flybox, designed by pilots, for pilots.

Electronic flap controller Power 7A (57 mm)
Not available , but bookable.
The Electronic Flap Controller can control the position of the flaps in an easy way.The working mode is to select one of the four positions previously memorized by the user, then the EFC-P will automatically move the flaps in the exact position.The LEDs show the current position of the flaps or, when they are in motion, the position they are reaching.Technical specifications:Front panel dimensions: 60.0 x 60, 0 mm, 2 1/4" round hole.Depth: 52mmWeight: 125 grInput voltage: 12 ~ 20 VCurrent consumption: 80 mA Maximum motor supply current: 7 ASafety switch for manual operation of the flaps in case of electronic failureTransducer input: 1 to 5 KohmTemperature range operating temperature: -20~+70 °C