Autopilot Control Unit (vertical mount) – suitable for Eclipse, Oblò A/P
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Autopilot Control Unit (vertical mount) – suitable for Eclipse, Oblò A/P


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-ACU- Autopilot Control Unit
The Autopilot Control Unit is the interface between the Porthole/Eclipse instrument and the servos, it allows quick and easy control of the different flight functions with the Heading/Tracking, Navigation and Altitude buttons as well as turning the two knobs to select target altitude or heading/tracking.
A green power LED clearly indicates when the unit is on; if the autopilot is currently engaged, the buttons corresponding to the operating mode are illuminated.
The ACU is available in vertical  or horizontal version. The three modes of operation are:
HDG/TRK to maintain magnetic heading or GPS tracking, whichever is selected in the Porthole/Eclipse instrument.
NAV is used for horizontal navigation, tracking an aircraft GPS flight path or a GOTO.
ALT to maintain altitude.
There are also safety features such as automatic course reversal, which performs a useful 180° rotation in either selectable direction in case of undesired entry under IMC conditions when an immediate reversal of direction is required.
For fast operation there are two separate knobs for target selection: one for heading/tracking and the other for altitude.

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