EngineMonitoringSystem EngiMaster Rotary Wing - Horizontal €1,342.04
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EngiMaster Rotary Wing - Horizontal


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EngiMaster is available for:

  • Engines with carburetor.
  • Engines with injection.


  • Engine rpm
  • Rotor revolutions
  • MAP with integrated sensor
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • 6 CHT inputs
  • 6 EGT inputs
  • Fuel pressure
  • OAT (outside air temperature)
  • CAT (Carburettor/AirBox air temperature)
  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter
  • Hour counter, also divided into green, yellow and red zones for the time
  • Engine peak RPM memories (last flight peak RPM and RPM highest ever)
  • Rotor peak RPM memories (last flight peak RPM and RPM maximum ever)
  • Flight chronometer
  • Local time-UTC time (GPS connection required)
  • 3 Composite video input
  • 2 inputs for contactors


Fuel computer (fuel flow, range, fuel remaining, fuel burned, range and reserve at destination). AND' can activate 3 alarms for remaining fuel, time emptying and balancing the tanks.
When a measurement falls below its setpoint the alarm occurs activated on both the display and/or the audio output tone or warning vocal.
Fuel Computer functions will require the Fuel Activation Key Optional computer code 661000.
3 fuel level sensor inputs with calibration for transmitters capacitive and resistive.


200 hour data logger with integrated graphic data viewer and possibility to export data
Software upgradeable via USB pen drive
20 Hz data sampling

Engine alarms are activated when the relevant measurement is out of range, can be displayed either on the audio output tone or on the voice alert message.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 125 x 83.7 x 18 mm (Display unit); 135 x 79 x 20mm (remote module)
  • Weight: 185 g + 180 g
  • Operating temperature range: -20~+70°C
  • Power supply voltage: 12~30 Vdc
  • Supply current: 260 mA
  • 4.3 inch TFT color LCD screen.
  • Display brightness: 1000 nits, adjustable.
  • LineOut audio for intercom
  • 2 CAN Bus communication interfaces
  • GPS input: RS-232 standard, data format: NMEA-0183, sentences requests: $GPRMC and $GPRMB
  • 1 USB port
  • Internal memory for 200 hours of data logger

The following wiring and probes are available

  • Code. 601008 EGT probe with 2.5 m cable + solder fitting
  • Code. 601013 Pre-wired cable for EGT probes
  • Code. 601020 OAT probe (Outdoor air temperature) with 2.5 m cable
  • Code. 601030 CAT probe (Rotax airbox air temperature), thread 10x1 and 2.5 m cable
  • Code. 503030 RedCube fuel flow transducer
  • Code. 661055 Computer page software activation key EngiMaster Fuel
  • Code. 601041 Fuel pressure transducer with 2.0 m + cable connection
  • Code. 601060 Amperometric probe +/- 50 A
  • Code. 601061 Amperometric probe +/- 100 A
  • Code. 602000 Oil pressure probe, Rotax 4-20mA compatible, with 1/8" NPT male thread
  • Code. 601070 Color camera
  • Code. 603000 Professional crimping pliers
  • Code. 601090 GPS receiver
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