Transponder Trig TT21 Remote,  Classe 2 130Watt installation kit e Manuali
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Transponder Trig TT21 Remote, Classe 2 130Watt installation kit e Manuali


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The TT21 is a two-part transponder system, which includes an integrated altitude encoder.

The design and technology are identical to that of the TT22; the only difference is the lower transmit power of the TT21, qualifying it as a Class 2 transponder. These transponders can be used on aircraft with cruising speeds below 175 kt, flying at altitudes below 15000 ft, in VFR or IFR.

The panel controller is smaller than a standard instrument The TT21 can therefore be mounted in even the smallest of aircraft, while remaining a certified unit.

Weight - less than 500 g!

It takes up very little space in the toolbox

Low power consumption

250 ​​Watt rated output

Integrated altitude encoder via static socket

Support for 1090ES ADS-B Out

The TT21 can be mounted in any standard hole for 57 mm instruments or in even more confined spaces: 42 mm in height is enough!

TT21 is TSO approved for European and FAA registered airplanes. b>

The package includes the installation kit.




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