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MIL Aircraft Cables AWG 20 Black M22759/16-20-0 €0.96
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AWG 20 Black M22759/16-20-0

Aeronautical cable M22759 price per meter

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This specific wire for military and aeronautical use is the evolution of the now obsolete MIL-W-5086 with PVC coating which, in addition to having a lower melting temperature, creates toxic fumes in case of fire, very dangerous for planes.

For some time now, the FAA Federal Aviation Administration has complied with the use of the unshielded MIL-M2759 (MIL-W-22759) which has advanced technical characteristics:


  1. Tefzel coating (ethylene / tetrafluorbethylene) a plastic polymer based on Teflon that resists temperatures up to 150 degrees and up to 600 volts. This coating is also very resistant to chafing and wear, ideal for the aeronautical sector where technical excellence almost never compromises.
  2. Above average number of filaments, this allows greater yield in the conduction of the current and also flexibility.
  3. Tinning of the filaments which prevents oxidation and further improves the usability in the wiring.
  4. Competitive price compared to the advantages in its use, for a complete avionics system we speak of a cost, compared to a common electric cable, of 30-40% more which negatively affects the total cost of the aircraft.


if you want to learn more, open the FAA attachment:

MIL-W-22759 Vertical Flammability Test Versus the 60 Degree Flammability Test

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