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Indicators 2.25"-3.15" HORIS 57 with integrated backup battery option. Panel Hole Diameter 57mm (2.25") €1,598.20
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HORIS 57 with integrated backup battery option. Panel Hole Diameter 57mm (2.25")


€1,310.00 Tax excluded

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-57 Panel Hole Diameter 57mm (2.25") - Standard Aviation Size.


Horis AD-AHRS is an electronic device, which includes several cutting-edge sensors and combines them into a small PFD display. It can act as a stand-alone PFD display and can be used as a main tool or a perfect backup.




  • Very low energy consumption (<2W at 12V),
  • low cost,
  • Precise altimeter pressure sensor and IAS (indicated air speed) - connects to pitot/static,
  • precise angular velocity sensors - gyroscopes and accelerometers,
  • GPS receiver,
  • digital outdoor temperature sensor
  • lightweight design
  • Compatible with CAN bus.


  • The Horis AD-AHRS autonomous unit shows:


  • (roll, pitch),
  • relative speed (IAS and TAS),
  • vertical speed indication (Vario),
  • altitude,
  • outside temperature indication
  • QNH setting,
  • course speed (1 minute 30 second turn),
  • tracking course (true or magnetic).


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