Experimental Aircraft Batteries EARTHX ETX680 LITHIUM AIRCRAFT BATTERY 13.2V, 1 hr/ 1C rate - 12.4ah, Case E €510.57
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EARTHX ETX680 LITHIUM AIRCRAFT BATTERY 13.2V, 1 hr/ 1C rate - 12.4ah, Case E


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Voltage: 13.2

Weight: 4.1 lbs (1.86 kg)

Cold Start Current (CCA): 320

Peak Starting Current (PCA): 680

Amp hours (1C rate): 12.4

Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Case size: E

Dimensions: 16.6 cm long x 7.9 cm wide x 16.8 cm high

                  6.5" L x 3.1" W x 6.6" H This battery is fully protected by an Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) which protects the cell from over-discharge, over-charging, short-circuiting, temperature and cell balancing to ensure battery levels charge are equal.In addition, ETX-Hundred series batteries have redundant electronic circuitry and battery fault indication.The fault indicator can be wired to your EFIS or connected to a 12 volt LED light on the control panel to alert you state of charge and health of the battery.(Please consult the manual for details)

What's included:

  1 ETX680

  2 x 6mm screws

  Foam for proper fitting

LED fault light sold separately

*For comparison purposes only with the Odyssey PC680 popular among Ultralight Aircraft*

    Voltage: ETX680: 13.2V | Odyssey PC680: 12V

    Weight: ETX680: weight 1.86 Kg (4.1 lbs) | Odyssey Pc680 : weight 7 Kg (14.8 lbs)

    Ah (1 hour 1C rate): ETX680: 12.4 | Odyssey Pc680 : 12.3

    Starting Current (PCA/CCA): ETX680: 680/320 |Odyssey Pc680: 520/170

    Dimensions (L x W x H): ETX680: 6.5 x 3.1 x 6.6 | Odyssey Pc680: 7.27 x 3.11 x 6.65

    Overload protection: ETX680: Yes | Odyssey Pc680 weight 7Kg : no

    Over discharge protection: ETX680: Yes | Odyssey Pc680 weight 7Kg: no

    Maximum alternator charging current: ETX680: 60A or less alternator | Odyssey Pc680: Not specified

Data sheet
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13,2 Volt

ETX-Series ETX680

ETX-Series Lithium Batteries ETX680 spec

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ETX Installation Manual

EarthX Lithium Battery User’s Manual

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