EngineMonitoringSystem DIGI Kit : Digi display, DAQU monitoring unit (EMS), cables) €1,445.09
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DIGI Kit : Digi display, DAQU monitoring unit (EMS), cables)


€1,184.50 Tax excluded

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DIGI as a stand-alone engine monitoring system (EMS) can show:

  • Cht
  • Egt
  • engine revs,
  • Rotor RPM,
  • fuel flow,
  • fuel level (up to two tanks),
  • alternator and battery current,
  • Voltage
  • oil pressure,
  • oil temperature,
  • water temperature (refrigerant),
  • airbox temperature,
  • engine time,
  • pressure of the collector,
  • air pressure.


Digi Technical Specifications :

DescriptionValueWeight140 g

Size117 x 71 x 17 (50 with connectors) mm

Operational voltage6 to 32 V

Power consumption 2 W Current169 mA at 12 V85 mA at 24 V

Operating temperatures -30◦Cto -85◦C

Humidity30% to 90%, not condensing

Panel holerectangular 108 x 70 mm (refer to installation section)

DisplayDiagonal: 4.3 inch

Resolution: 480 x 272

Brightness: 1000 cd/m2


CAN bus, 29 bit header, 500 kbits,Kanardia protocol

Data sheet
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