Aeronautical Wiring harnesses Construction of TRIG TY91 system excluding MIC and SPK headphone sockets €146.40
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Construction of TRIG TY91 system excluding MIC and SPK headphone sockets


€120.00 Tax excluded

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The cables used are MIL M22759 Aeronautical Standards.

The TRIG wiring provides multiple connection cables between the Display unit (control head) and the remote unit (remote Unit)

    • Standard length 1.2 m

Standard connections included in the KIT starting from the remote unit

    • Power supply. Standard length 1,5m AWG 20 in color Red and color BLACK so as not to get confused.
      • Headphone / Microphone socket. Standard length 3mt M27500-24TG4T14. We use a single cable with 4 fully shielded poles that allows easier installation as well as "cleaner", also the 4 Jacks for the 2 headphones are already wired and labeled.
      • Push to Talk PTT. Standard length 2mt AWG22 x 2 with Pilot / Co-Pilot label.
      • Intercom. Standard length 1 m AWG 22.


    • Audio input with unipolar shielded cable
    • Cable for frequency change Stand By / Remote operation

Pegaso Avionics prepares all its wiring to Hoc so all measures can be varied for each individual need, including the specific and optional requests provided by Radio Trig such as the GPS antenna and the updated internal database of local frequencies, relatively complex operation.

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